Products Liability & Personal Injury

David has handled a number of wrongful death cases for families who have lost their loved ones through others’ negligence, intentional conduct, or from the use of a dangerous product, manufactured and sold without adequate warnings to alert the unsuspecting consumer of its danger.

David draws on his extensive experience with complex class actions in the civil rights area to join with others in seeking redress for injuries caused by a dangerous product or a product with insufficient warnings, or by some other dangerous condition. Often these lawsuits, designed to seek compensation for the injured victims and to promote consumer safety by deterring reckless conduct by manufacturers and others, can make a major change by forcing manufacturers and distributors to meet their obligation to the consumers who buy and use their products, completely unaware of the dangers they face.

For example, David successfully sued a major international consumer products company for the family of a woman who was tragically killed while simply using an aerosol can of hair spray, when the can burst into flames. This was a risk the manufacturer was aware of, yet failed to adequately warn the consumer about, despite reports it had of similar occurrences.

In the personal injury arena, David has successfully brought cases seeking justice for the victims of medical malpractice, intentional torts, like assault and battery wrongful death, and more.

In a case which combined elements of the failure to adequately warn of a dangerous condition and personal injury claims, David settled a lawsuit in Texas against a major railroad company on behalf of a pregnant woman whose vehicle was struck by a train at an inadequately safeguarded crossing, causing her to lose the baby she was carrying and to suffer other debilitating personal injuries.

In particularly complex personal injury and product liability cases, David works together with one of the top firms in the country that specializes in this area of the law, contact David today for an initial consultation.