Voting Rights

David I. Schoen, Attorney at Law has litigated several cases in the vitally important area of voting rights.

David files cases around the country to fight for every qualified candidate who wants to run for public elective office to have a chance to get on the ballot and for every qualified voter to have the opportunity to cast her or his vote for a candidate of choice.

For over two decades, David has filed “ballot access” cases in many states challenging the constitutionality of state law requirements for how minor political party candidates and independent candidates gain access to the ballot. Many of the Draconian obstacles these states have created to limit their participation in the electoral process have been struck down through these cases.

David generally has one or more ballot access cases in litigation at all times.

David represented the Alabama voter before the United States Supreme Court in the landmark Voting Rights Act case, Shelby County, Alabama v. Holder.

David has represented candidates contesting election procedures and results in a variety of cases and he consulted with counsel for the Gore presidential team during the election battle in Florida that arose in the 2000 presidential election. David also successfully represented the national Democratic Party in the trial of a lawsuit brought against it.

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