Commercial Litigation

David I. Schoen, Attorney at Law has a commercial litigation practice which handles a broad spectrum of cases.

David appears regularly in federal court in diverse commercial litigation cases.  Recent examples include a lawsuit in federal court in Washington, DC between a large taxicab operator and the Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority challenging the bidding process for the taxi service contract at Dulles International Airport and a multi-million dollar civil forfeiture case in the Southern District of Florida.

Generally, David tries to exhaust every reasonable alternative to litigation before filing suit.  This approach succeeded recently in the settlement of a large professional negligence case against a high profile international law firm in Washington, DC.  In 2015, litigation was avoided in a commercial dispute over hundreds of thousands of dollars simply by drafting the Complaint for filing in the Eastern District of New York.  When the other side was shown the draft of the Complaint, they recognized the merits of the claims and the case was brought to a successful resolution, with both sides avoiding significant costs of litigation.

David has represented an alternative fuel maker in challenging preferential tax provisions for traditional gasoline companies.

David frequently has been approached by business owners and consumers who have been sued or who wish to file suit concerning a commercial dispute that they have not been able to resolve otherwise, leading them to conclude that they have no alternative to litigation and that it will be hard fought.

These are just a couple examples of the dozens of commercial cases David has litigated, provided to reflect the diverse nature of the disputes David has successfully litigated.

David has represented clients in commercial litigation before courts as diverse as Delaware Chancery Court and the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Alabama and all sorts of courts in between.  In one case in Maryland, for example, David served as lead counsel in a dispute between a hotel developer and a major hotel chain. When the hotel chain moved the battle to Delaware Chancery Court, David appeared there and by working literally through the night several nights in a row, due to the expedited and complex nature of the litigation, David scored a huge victory for his client in that court.

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